Is VIVA Education for me?

Is VIVA Education for me?

VIVA Education provides unparalleled education. Our comprehensive approach to Pilates Instructor Training ensures that our graduates are confident and equipped to instruct Pilates in a range of different environments.

The course starts from the very beginning ensuring that, no matter what your professional background or Pilates experience level is, you will be able to master the Pilates method over the 4 Days of the VIVA Instructor Training.

Who is the VIVA Pilates Education Reformer Course for?

We have an extremely diverse range of participants who come from a number of different professional backgrounds, from physiotherapists, to allied health professionals, dancers, PTs and even those who work in run of the mill office jobs – the VIVA Pilates course is for everyone!

The main thing that sets our graduates apart is their yearning desire to help people and create real and lasting changes in their client’s lives. By participating in the VIVA course, you have the opportunity to make a difference every day through delivering the Pilates method to the world.

VIVA Pilates Education is committed to continual learning, and we believe that everyone has untapped potential and the comprehensive approach at VIVA is all that it takes to tap into this potential.

The VIVA community is invested in the success of our graduates. We know that our clients are unique and as such our instructors can’t fit into a cookie cutter mould and we encourage diversity within our team!

Our instructors laugh, have fun and love what they do and everyone brings their own unique flavour to the role!

No matter your background or level of experience, your journey to becoming an exceptional Pilates Instructor starts with VIVA and we’ll be with you every step of the way ensuring your success.

But is the course for me?

If you’ve ever had an amazing teacher, you’ll know the value and the impact that they can have on your life. If you have a burning desire to follow a new passion and finally create freedom and flexibility in your life then this is the course for you.

The personal and professional satisfaction that you feel from being able to teach the Pilates method to those that really need it is second to nothing. With 2019 drawing to a close, why not make the next decade the one to go after what you really want in life!