Viva rebrand-70


Favourite Motivational Quote?

The more you seek uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.



What do you love most about Pilates?

The way in which you can incorporate the whole body while also giving you the ability to target the smaller muscles often missed in general training- and of course the core work.

Hobbies/Profession outside of Pilates?

I’m currently in my fourth year of Physiotherapy at The University of Queensland. I enjoy surfing, cricket, running and hiking.

What makes you feel truly alive?

Doing something active outside

Quickfire Questions:

#1 Bucketlist Item?

The Mongolian Derby

Best Way to Start the Day?

Getting up early and moving!

Guilty Pleasure?

La Macelleria Gelato

(This is not a paid advertisement,

but you haven’t had gelato until you’ve tried theirs)

What trend would you like to bring back?

I’m not sure…but I’d love to see the trend of Birkenstocks fade deep into the past…

Who inspires you to do better?

My parents