Perk up your peach with our gravity-defying masterclass!

Rounder rears here we come!

Are you lunging & squatting on the regular

 and still not seeing the tight toosh you set out to have?

Do you want a perkier, firmer peach?

Yes? This masterclass is for you!

We’ll show you how to master the mind-butt connection!

The Details:

 Only $15!


MANLY: Monday 18th of March

CLAYFIELD: Tuesday 19th of March

 5.30pm & 6.30pm Sessions


We’ve witnessed 100’s of clients transform their shape with Pilates so we know firsthand you can truly transform your peach once you start exercising right! 

 If you’re a newbie to exercise, one of the most common mistakes when it comes to sculpting a rounder rear is activating your glutes. 

If you spend many hours sitting at a desk, living a sedentary lifestyle, your glutes may have become underactive and ‘fall alseep’. If this is the case you won’t see the results you’re after, no matter how often you work out!

AT VIVA, we’re all about mind-body connection. That’s why we created the PERKY PEACH Masterclass! So you can discover…mind-BUTT connection!

Don’t do another squat or lunge without attending this masterclass! To change the shape of your peach to perky, tight and round it’s all about isolation and activation.  Let us show you how!

By attending you’ll learn:

  • How to perkify your peach once and for all!
  • The 2 most common mistakes holding you back from the booty of your dreams
  • The top 3 most effective Pilates exercises to tone & tighten your toosh
  • How to maximise strength to reduce back and knee pain 


The Reformer is quite simply like no other piece of exercise equipment but correct form is critical! Master the Pilates method to fast-track achieving:

  • A firm, high, shapely bottom
  • Long, lean and strong legs
  • A flat tummy & whittled waist
  • Improved posture and a balanced body