Chantelle - VIVA Pilates Studios
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Instructor Profile

Favourite Motivational Quote?

remember why you started



What do you love most about Pilates?

The technique, control and strength gained from Pilates can be transferred to any form of exercise. I love the way it makes you feel and the amazing feedback and results clients have received from regular Pilates.

Hobbies/Profession outside of Pilates ?

Physiotherapy student. I am passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness which is why I have chosen a career in which I can delve into each of these.

What makes you feel truly alive?

Exercising outdoors, especially when you are so focused on the task you forget about anything else that may be going on.

Quickfire Questions:

#1 Bucketlist Item?

Skydiving in every continent

Best Way to Start the Day?

Exercise followed by an Almond Latte

Guilty Pleasure?


Who inspires you to do better?

Daniel Menzel. Has had 4 knee reconstructions and was determined to get back to his goal of playing AFL, has now created a foundation for injuries in sport.