Jesikah - VIVA Pilates Studios
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Favourite Motivational Quote?

“By the time you realise your happiness isn’t in someone else’s hands, I hope you still have something to hold onto”
Rachel Wolchin


Landsborough, Sunshine Coast

What do you love most about Pilates?

I love that you often work the smaller muscles, which people tend to forget about, that you’re lying down half the time whilst exercising (and in the comfort of no shoes), and that it can all be done at home, or while travelling.

Hobbies/Profession outside of Pilates ?

Currently studying Clinical Exercise Physiology, working part-time in fitness and working as a Barista on the weekends. Anything coffee and exercise-related is a yes from me!!

What makes you feel truly alive?

Endorphins, belly laughter, and really big smiles!

Quickfire Questions:

#1 Bucketlist Item?

Complete a Spartan Ultra Beast Obstacle Race

Best Way to Start the Day?

A cup of tea and puppy cuddles

Guilty Pleasure?


What trend would you like to bring back?

Scrunchies!! They are much harder to lose than hair-ties.

Who inspires you to do better?

Olivia, Co-Owner of VIVA. I work for Olivia in two separate companies, and she doesn’t necessarily inspire me to be better – she inspires me to be myself. Her encouragement and reassurance enthuses me to reach higher, and I’m always willing to listen because I feel as though she knows of my capabilities better than I do.