toned tummy


It’s all about a strong core, good alignment and correct form!

These are the three foundations of a strong, functional, pain-free, fit, lean body.

Learn why regular sit-ups don’t work and how to achieve a flat stomach once & for all!

Join our Master Trainers for an

Exclusive Masterclass Event:

The Toned Tummy Method

Session Times:

 Wednesday 18th of March  Everton Hills 

 6.30pm and 7.30pm

 Wednesday 25th of March  Clayfield 

 5.30pm and 6.30pm

 Monday 23rd of March  Manly 

5.30pm and 6.30pm

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As leaders in dynamic, group Pilates classes, VIVA has helped 100’s of individuals achieve physical transformations they never imagined possible. We help people achieve the unattainable on a daily basis and thrive on helping our members live fuller, healthier, happier lives.


Our Toned Tummy Masterclass is your opportunity to learn perfect posture and how to achieve a strong, flat stomach!


Do you want a strong, pain-free back?

Do you want great posture?

Are you sick of having a pot-belly?

Do you suffer from lower back or neck pain?

If you answered yes then make sure to attend our event

as we delve into the proven techniques to transform your physique.

By attending this FREE event you’ll learn:

Why regular sit-ups won't give you a flat belly

How incorrectly performed abdominal exercises can widen your waistline

The common mistakes everyone makes

The 3 steps to a flat tummy for life

The #1 secret to transforming your shape from the inside out

The essentials to sustained results



The Reformer is quite simply like no other piece of exercise equipment but correct form is critical! Master the foundations to fast-track achieving:

  • A firm, high, shapely bottom
  • Long, lean and strong legs
  • A flat tummy & whittled waist
  • Opened shoulders & better posture
  • Toned arms, back and chest

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