2 CHELSEA LANE 2.4 & 2.5
Redlynch, Cairns QLD 4870

  • Payment: Participants will not be able to commence the training  until payment arrangements have been finalised. Please reply to this email if you need to finalise anything further.

Please note: due to the set up of the studio there will be no fridge facilities available. Please ensure that your lunch is packed in a cooler bag or feel free to support the local businesses in the area. 

  • Parking: There is free parking available on site at the studio. 
  • Meals: It’s recommended to bring a packed lunch or alternatively local coffee shops, McCafé, Coles, Woolworths and sushi are within walking distance nearby.
  • Clothing: Please wear comfortable clothing and ensure to wear layered clothing as some find the air conditioning cool.
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