In order to ensure that our Members have the best opportunity to attend their weekly classes, we have an early cancellation window to ensure that our waitlists move through.

If a client cancels a class 9hrs prior the the start time, it is classified as an early cancellation:

An Early Cancellation of a class must be done 9hrs (or more) before the class start time. If the class is cancelled 9hrs prior to the start time of the class it will simply return to your account and you will be able to book it again at a later date. The 9hr Class Cancellation Window allows our clients to have enough advanced notice to be able to make it in to our 5:30am class times.

If a class in cancelled within 9hrs of the class start time, it is classified as a late cancellation:

A Late Cancellation of a class occurs when the class is cancelled within 9hrs of the class start time. If a Late Cancellation occurs there is no additional fee for the cancellation of the class but the class is forfeited and will not return to your account to be booked at a later stage.

If a class is not cancelled by the member it becomes a No Show:

A No Show is recorded when a client does not show up or cancel (either early or late) out of a class. The No Show incurs a $15 fee and result in a forfeiture of the class. We encourage you to log in to your account and cancel on the app to prevent the No Show Fee being applied to your account. We have not actively been charging the No Show fee up until this point, but with a large number of No Shows being recorded we feel that this is the best way to ensure that all of our members have the best possible chance of making it into classes each week. You will always be given notice via text before a no show fee is applied to your account. The No Show Fee will not be charged until at least 5 days after the No Show has been recorded.