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We believe in mindful movement. We use intelligently designed, spring-based resistance training to strengthen & lengthen the body. We push, we pull, we pulse. The best part? We do it together, as a tribe.

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VIVA’s diverse range of pilates-inspired workouts are proven to safely sculpt your body from head- to-toe. It’s the ultimate, boutique class experience you can do from  anywhere with 400+ online classes.

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Become a certified Pilates Instructor with VIVA. Practise nationally recognised, comprehensive courses to equip you with the skills to deliver the Pilates method confidently. Your dream career starts here.

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Our purpose-built, boutique studios are designed for you to embrace complete coordination of your body, mind and spirit, in a calm and inspiring space. Specialising in mindful, dynamic pilates, VIVA offers 8 unique class styles to suit every mood and goal. Regular sessions will reshape your body & create a lean, strong, toned physique; transforming you from the inside out.

VIVA will revolutionise your world.


VIVA At-Home

Experience world-class, pilates-inspired workouts from the comfort of home. Take Control. Workout on your terms. Feel stronger, Leaner, more toned and energised, Viva’s diverse range of online workouts are proven to safely sculpt your body from head-to-toe. It’s the ultimate, boutique class experience, you can do from anywhere.

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Feel-Good Pilates.

Classes for every moodgoallevelbody

We know that variety is the spice of life to keep results flowing and motivation high. That’s why every class, instructor, and every day with VIVA is unique. We’ve got a class style to suit all moods and goals. We make sure there’s a variation for everyone in class, from first-timers to the most advanced Pilates-goers. The one thing you’ll always get from a VIVA class? A strong, smart, satisfying workout.

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Upcoming Programs & New Classes

It’s much more than just Pilates. It’s about meaningful, body & mind connection! With comprehensive nutrition & movement programs you will find a new way to move, redefine your limits and transform your way of life.

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The VIVA Difference

I love the atmosphere and intimacy at VIVA compared to the large scale gym.

B. Park

Your online classes are my way of staying mindfully and mentally balanced. Thank you for creating and sharing them.


The instructors are lovely and unlike high-intensity workouts, Pilates makes my body feel refreshed and balanced after exercise.

VIVA always has new programs coming up, so I’ve been able to attend for 6 years without getting bored. Pilates is a part of me now, it’s not just an exercise.


The instructors are a huge reason why I’ve stayed motivated. I enjoy it and feel so much stronger for it!


VIVA classes are the most calories I’ve ever burned in a Pilates class.

Great workout and atmosphere.

Tegan Q

I really appreciate how my positions and movements are adjusted and corrected so I could maximise my Pilates session.

Anna M

VIVA classes are a must do.

Janine R

Your online classes are my way of staying mindfully and mentally balanced. Thank you for creating and sharing them.


I love that I can do VIVA classes from Adelaide.


I just wanted to say what a fantastic course that was! I went away feeling so much more confident about myself! After first studying with a different business , I can say I feel far more confident, less overwhelmed and really enjoyed myself and that was what was the point of difference!


I feel like I gained a new perspective on some areas of reformer which was what I was after and it was a great revision of basics that I will look forward to using with my clients.


I found VIVA’s course amazing and the communication was always outstanding.

Loved everything about it. I felt a lot more confident leaving this course than I have with other courses. I love how there is a practical component after the course to really cement your knowledge.


Thanks so much to the VIVA team, I enjoyed the course so much and Emma-Kate really made it such a beautiful experience with so much knowledge.

Emma-Kate was very engaging. Being very new to pilates, I found the content extremely relevant & explained thoroughly. The size of the class was great & definitely a good choice to cap it with that number of people. The class also had varied levels of expertise, age & professional backgrounds to which Emma-Kate adapted.

The Viva reformer training was fantastic! EmmaKate is a knowledgeable and engaging trainer, she made the course a lot of fun as well as a great learning experience. I learned so much more about pilates techniques and form, I feel not only ready to instruct, but it has really improved my own pilates practice. I would highly recommend this training, I’m so glad I did it!


Even though I’ve been doing yoga on and off for years, I absolutely loved Jess’s online Yoga Foundations class as she explained the various poses and flows in a carefully structured way that gave me an understanding I’d never had before. Wonderful class!


I love VIVA At-Home, it’s a wonderful way to expel stress and am loving this new way to connect.


VIVA online is a lovely way to start my day at home!

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  • 708 Sandgate Road Clayfield
  • 2 Chinook Street Everton Hills

  • 190 Radford Road, Manly West

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  • Monday – Sunday 5:30am – 8:00pm

  • The studio opens 15 minutes prior to class commencing


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