What was your experience of the VIVA Education Course?

The course was well paced and provided a great mix of theory and practical knowledge. Emma-Kate was a total vibe and her professional and personal experience shone through and added value to the course in terms of her practical examples, answers to questions and general knowledge. I think the course is well suited to people with experience in the fitness industry and Pilates. If someone had never been on a reformer prior to the course, it is still suitable, but would have been a lot more daunting and I assume the way the course was run (pace in particular) would also be adapted significantly to facilitate the experience level. Luckily everyone in our course had some level of experience, which I think was great as all the questions added value to the level we were all at and also allowed for peer learning and sharing.

What do you feel like you’ve gained from the VIVA Education Course?

Better knowledge of the fundamentals of Pilates

An understanding of what specific movements are meant to achieve i.e. muscle groups worked

Confidence in safe movement and breaking the movement down through set-up and cueing

Base level knowledge of how to flow a class

Everything I have learned is already influencing my own practice, which I love! I continued Pilates in the mornings during the course, which I think was great, as it allowed me to solidify the information from each day in my own mind.

What would you say to someone considering VIVA Education Course?

Try Pilates at least a few times or more if you have time before the course – I think having practised for about 6 years really helped my confidence and ability to understand and practically apply the course content.

If you are nervous about what to expect, the 6 part course is a good option and quick reference guide once you finish.

Your confidence 100% builds as you progress through the 4 days which is a great foundation for the practical and observation post-formal course components.