If you’re considering doing your Reformer course, whether it be just for your own practice or with an intention to become an instructor, there should be no hesitating.

How are you now using your qualifications?

I now teach at around 8 classes a week (sometimes a few more).  I love the flexibility and the opportunity to see people improve their own practice over time.  It’s a very rewarding position to be in and a great opportunity to express your own individual style whilst seeing people enjoy every instructors individuality.

What was your experience of the VIVA Education Course? 

I found the VIVA course to be very detailed and presented in a way where everything was understood, clear and concise.  There was plenty of opportunity to practice what you were learning along the way and to feel comfortable in a friendly environment where questions could be asked more than once.  There was also great information booklets to take away with you so you could always refresh what you had learnt at a later date.

What would you say to anyone considering the VIVA Course? 

A lot of the time we think too much about the process and lose focus on why we’re actually considering doing it in the first place. If it has ever crossed your mind to complete your Reformer training, then that’s a sure sign to go ahead and sign up – you won’t regret it and it will feel great!

Roll With Us.

Roll with us.

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Download our app to book on to go.