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Experience 14 days of feel-good Reformer Pilates for $67

At VIVA, we specialise in athletic, high intensity, low impact Pilates classes. Our suite of class styles cater for everyone. We use intelligently designed, spring-based resistance training to strengthen & lengthen the body. Scroll down to reform to transform™.


Small moves. Big changes.

Reformer Pilates tightens what’s loose and loosens what’s tight. No muscle is over- or under-trained. Our classes will re-balance your body from head-to-toe. Select your studio below to get started


$6714 days


$6714 days


$6714 days

Be Inspired

More than just Pilates, our classes at VIVA are experiences. Created and developed by the industry’s most passionate minds. Taught by superstar Instructors who inspire and motivate. In specially designed studios and serene spaces.

Our pilates classes will revolutionise your exercise routine and transform your body, mind and soul.

Our classes

Simply put, the most engaging Pilates experience you’ll ever have. 45 minutes of carefully crafted exercises. Each class is unique with its own focus and flow to constantly keep your body guessing and results flowing. It’s your time to focus solely on you.


  • A strong core, flat belly & defined waistline

  • Lengthened & lean limbs

  • Sculpted back & arms

  • A tight toosh & toned thighs

  • A balanced body & boosted energy

  • Improved posture & flexibility

  • A calm, connected mind

  • Greater confidence

  • A body you’ll love

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The Experience

The name of the game is best Pilates classes ever. We looked at why people ‘don’t get Pilates’ and then changed it. A warm, welcoming environment, cues to guide you through each movement so you truly ‘get it’ and a revolutionary, reformer experience, is just the beginning of what we’ve got in studio.

Total connection of body, mind and soul.

We know that variety is the spice of life and at VIVA there are 8 x class styles to suit every mood and goal. No workout is the same. We’ll keep your body guessing and progressing. We make sure there are variations and modifications for everyone in class, from first-timers to our most seasoned Pilates-goers. You can always expect a carefully curated class that challenges you from the inside out.

What is Reformer Pilates?

The Universal Reformer, originally designed by Joseph Pilates 100 years ago, is a piece of Pilates Apparatus that provides constant resistance while supporting the neck & lower back and re-producing planes of movement that are intuitive in everyday movement. With spring based resistance, a pulleys & weights system and a moveable carriage, the Reformer provides feedback whilst strengthening and lengthening from head to toe.

With endless exercises & variety, the Reformer will keep your body guessing and revolutionise your balance, flexibility, strength & control. Once only offered on a very small scale at astronomical prices, Viva Pilates Studios aims to provide affordable, boutique classes to allow everyone to experience the wonderful world of Pilates.

Total Reformation.

Push. Pull. Pulse. Repeat.

Our signature class is an athletic & dynamic approach to traditional Pilates. Total Reformation combines strength, endurance & stretch to deliver a functionally fit, lean physique. No muscle group is left unworked! With a precision to correct form and technique, this class is guaranteed to reform & transform your body from the inside out. The ultimate lengthening & strengthening session that will leave you walking taller, feeling stronger & energised. This 45-minute class caters for everybody – all levels welcome.

Brand New to Pilates?

We’re so glad you found us! Your introduction to the revolutionary world of Reformer starts with our Foundations Class. Learn correct core recruitment, alignment & how to apply the principles to ensure you maximise your results. This 45-minute beginner class is a prelude to our signature Total Reformation class. A must for those new to Pilates.

Form is foremost to keep you safe from injury and to help you get the most out of every class. If you have any pre-existing conditions, are pregnant, or new to exercise, pop in 5 minutes early to let your instructor know prior to class so we can keep an eye on you.

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