A house is only as good as it’s foundation. Your introduction to the revolutionary world of Reformer starts with our Foundations Class. Learn correct core recruitment, alignment & how to apply the principles to ensure you maximise your results. This 45 minute beginner class is a prelude to our signature Total Reformation class. A must for those new to Pilates. Attend 1 to 2 times.

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Push. Pull. Pulse. Repeat.
Our signature class is an athletic & dynamic approach to traditional Pilates. Total Reformation combines strength, endurance & stretch to deliver a functionally fit, lean physique. No muscle group is left unworked! With a precision to correct form and technique, this class is guaranteed to reform & transform your body from the inside out. The ultimate lengthening & strengthening session that will leave you walking taller, feeling stronger & energised. This 45-minute class caters for everybody – all levels welcome. *Prerequisite: to have attended a minimum 1 x Pilates Foundation Class.

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We believe your core is your powerhouse. This class will help you develop newfound, deep abdominal strength. Guaranteed to deliver a tight, toned waistline and flat tummy! Bonus benefits? CORE will improve postural alignment, spinal strength, stability, mobility and help to eliminate injury to guarantee good health for years to come. An advanced 30-minute class to build core strength!

Prerequisite: Recommended to have attended minimum 5 x total reformation classes. Not suitable for pregnancy.

Flexibility is freedom! Allow the versatility of the Reformer apparatus to support your body and hold deep stretches to improve flexibility and release muscle-aching tension. This class will have you move, perform and feel better with muscles that are longer, stronger and more supple from the inside-out and end-to-end! This is your time to move a little slower, unwind, release and connect with your breath!
Designed to make you sweat! A fusion of reformer pilates movements combined with bouts of fast-paced, HIIT movements, performed on and off the reformer. Guaranteed to sizzle fat, increase energy, improve fitness and burn calories! A 30-minute advanced class. Expect to burn & shake!

Prerequisite: Recommended to have attended minimum 5 x total reformation classes. In good general health, fit and free of injury or pregnancy. If in doubt, chat to one of our people about suitability.

**COMING SOON** A gentle, fluid class with heart. The world’s first fusion of Reformer Pilates & Meditation. This class creates space for you to nurture the most important relationship in life – the one with yourself! By grounding ourselves we develop confidence, power & strength. With a focus on breath, this contemplative class will help you to become present, connected and to live more consciously.
This class is about the tightening and toning the largest and strongest muscle in the body – your toosh! Designed to strengthen the lower body this class works every inch of the glutes, quads, hamstrings and inner thighs! Bonus perks of a perky butt? Strong glutes and mastering glute activation help improve athletic performance, posture and will decrease the risk of injury to the knees and lower back. It’s a win-win!

A fun, all levels class incorporating a multitude of apparatus to lengthen, lean & tone! A head-to-toe strengthening and sculpting – you’ll be pushed to your limits by adding additional apparatus! A must-do class to balance your body, mind and soul.


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VIVA Barre is a full body workout designed to reshape & sculpt your body. A fusion of Pilates and Ballet, this class incorporates isometric moves targeting small, supporting muscles to trim your waistline, lift & tone all of the right places. You’ll increase strength & enhance flexibility & balance. A fun, energetic workout featuring hand weights and conditioning exercises.

Pilates exercises performed on the mat using body weight as resistance to strengthen and lengthen the body with emphasis on your core, posture and alignment. Caters for all levels of experience.
VIVA Tone is a resistance-based training class, influenced by Pilates, to sculpt and tone the entire body. Using light weights but high reps, this class will burn fat, promote lean muscle mass, improve tone and build overall strength. It’s a fusion of Strength (30-Minutes) Reformer (15-Minutes). If you want rapid results and to target common trouble areas this class is for you!
A 30 minute, rapid-fire class focusing on your abs, butts and thighs.
This class is all about delivering the body-sculpting benefits of Pilates. The core conditioning & strength based exercises will build longer, leaner muscles & build heat in the body to increase your fat burning capacity.


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