Thinking about the course? I am going to debunk my own worries, concerns and thoughts that were initially holding me back from taking the leap, in case they can allay some of your fears too:

One of the most empowering things about being an instructor is that you are a part of someone else’s fitness journey. You’re helping people achieve their goals mentally and physically and you genuinely have a positive impact on their life.

One of the biggest rewards you’ll have in your instructing career is one of your regulars coming to you to say the pain they had, is no longer there, or the outfit they were desperate to wear now fits and the confidence they have been seeking for so long is finally there. That is the ultimate job satisfaction.

Where will I find the time?

The beauty of VIVA Education courses is that they are a short 4-day course. There is only 15hrs of Participation and 15hrs of Practical classes required post course to hone your skills and all of this can be done at a time that suits you.

I can’t afford to do the course!

VIVA Education’s courses are some of the most competitively priced courses in the industry. VIVA offers manageable payment plans to break down the cost to affordable payments so you can still get started with your course regardless of your financial situation.

I just don’t think I’ll be any good!

The VIVA courses are specifically designed to ensure that you start from the very beginning and build the right foundations to help you become the best instructor you can be.

What if I don’t find any work?

There are hundreds of Pilates studios across Queensland, so you won’t be short of opportunities. VIVA also offer all its course participants the opportunity to apply to teach for us across all 3 of their studios. My top tip here, make yourself available. Be willing to put your hand up for covers at the studios you want to teach at and build a rapport with their client’s! If they love you, they’ll let the studio management know and you’ll cultivate a regular schedule from there.

I’m not fit enough to be an instructor.

Being an instructor isn’t about your level of fitness, it is about your knowledge, your ability to inspire and motivate people and your passion for the industry. You’ll get fitter in the process, win:win.

I’m too old!

This one, doesn’t even need an explanation, trust me when I tell you YOU’RE NOT! You are never too old to start a new passion, career and do something you love. Never.

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