We’ve trained the very best!


Former worker in recruitment, Bex switched days filled on the phone and in front of a computer to working in the fitness industry full-time.


A former VIVA regular, Caitlin works full-time as an accountant and now pursues her love of Pilates as a side-hustle.


After reaching a crossroad in her life, Simone decided to enroll in a VIVA Pilates course, and now teaches Pilates full-time.


Lucy was in event management when COVID-19 hit. At a crossroads, she enrolled in a VIVA course and now teaches Pilates part-time.


Sarah enrolled in VIVA’s instructor course and now teaches 5-6 days a week on her terms and schedule, alongside her own personal business.


Former student Alyse is now a co-owner of reformer-only Pilates studio called INFLOW, in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.


In addition to her regular classes, with her husband, Michelle runs her own business. Her schedule is hectic but she loves the variety that Pilates instructing provides in her days.