If you’re contemplating doing the course, don’t hesitate, just do it! The course is great balance of theory and practical. The course material is very easy to absorb. Emma-Kate was an amazing and very knowledgeable instructor. Plus, the Team at Viva will help you every step of the way!

How are you now using your qualifications?

I teach classes around my full time job as a side hustle.

What was your experience of the VIVA Education Course? 

The Viva Education Course was fantastic! The course was engaging and well-structured, run by a very knowledgeable team and instructor (Emma-Kate!). With a strong focus on format and fundamentals, you are really set up for success and to leave the course confident to teach Pilates!

What do you feel like you’ve gained from the VIVA Education Course?

I have gained a better understanding of the Pilates Form and Foundation which has helped me get more out of each of the classes I now attend. I also left the course inspired and confident to start teaching!

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Roll with us.

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