Olivia Brusasco - VIVA Pilates Studios
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Olivia Brusasco


Liv started Pilates as an integral part of her rowing training. She discovered that there was a link between core strength and spinal health at a young age and this led her to do her Pilates Instructor Training while completing her Bachelor of Business at QUT.  If she’s not in our studios or working hard at Head Office you’ll most likely find her on the beach with her husband Henry, hanging out with her family or organising some kind of social gathering to keep up her reputation as a social butterfly.

Favourite Motivational Quote?

You’ll never get to where you’re going if you only travel on sunny days


Brisbane, AU.

What do you love most about Pilates?

I love the versatility of Pilates, especially work on the Reformer. It has an ability to pose a challenge in the fitness domain for people with a whole range of different fitness levels and ability yet still manages to act as a perfect tool for rehabilitation and strengthening at the base level for the human body.

Hobbies/Profession outside of Pilates?

I’m a rower by trade and that’s lead me to Surf Lifesaving there’s just something about being part of a movement that is so quintessentially Australian.

What makes you feel truly alive?

Setting a goal and reaching it, punching out in a surf boat through a big surf and being surrounded by my (incredibly amazing) extended family and friends.

Quickfire Questions:

#1 Bucketlist Item?

Freedom to live life exactly as I want to design it day to day

Best Way to Start the Day?

Exercise of some description followed by a coffee. Drinking 1L of water too.

Guilty Pleasure?

Chocolate Freckles

What trend would you like to bring back?

Big Hair! Bring back the Beehive!!!

Who inspires you to do better?

My partner, family and friends corny, but my people mean the world to me and have so intricately shaped the person I am today, I always want to be able to give them my best