I loved the hands-on experience of VIVA’s course. Being able to watch and mimic to learn really allowed me to make the most out of the experience.

I also feel the external part of the course (the observation/participation + the video) really allowed me to feel confident in what I do now. I feel it is  significant in this journey to do and it also allowed me to experience reformer Pilates in real life. Being able to observe allowed me to take myself away from being student and allowed me to sink into being a teacher. 

I was a dance teacher for 13 years prior to doing the course. I taught kids from the age of 2-16. Along with that, I worked full time as a clinic coordinator/manager at a skin clinic. I took some time off to study and fell into the opportunity to do the level 1 training. I did not expect to be as involved in teaching reformer Pilates but I am so grateful I stayed open and let it show me what was possible.

I am teaching 5-6 days a week teaching reformer and I absolutely love it. I have a personal business and teaching reformer Pilates gives me the opportunity to work on all of my passions together without feeling too overwhelmed. I love the way I slip into this teaching role that allows me to connect with the most beautiful people that I wouldn’t have met unless for Pilates. I love that I’m not just learning everyday but I’m able to do what makes me light up. Doing what you love is so important. 

If you’re considering VIVA’s course, stay open to everything and remember, the course is just the beginning of your journey. Feel excited. The possibilities that reformer Pilates gives you is life changing. Personally, I had done 4 reformer Pilates classes before I joined the Level 1 teacher training. I had no experience nor expectations and fell in love with the concept of teaching reformer Pilates straight away.

What the community say about Sarah’s classes

Just what I needed to start my day. Thank you Sarah.

Christine F

Sarah’s class is great and challenging with variety each week. Love the stretches at the end.

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Roll with us.

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