With VIVA’s 21 Day Winter Wellbeing Program, you’ll get the ideal combination of Sweat (high-intensity interval training), Strength (resistance-based training) and Stretch (fusion of Pilates & Yin Yoga) workouts to give you the boost of inspiration and motivation you need to move your body daily. All while helping you get stronger, leaner, more flexible, and a whole lot calmer!

You’ll be led by a team of VIVA Trainers: Sarah, Genevieve, Olivia and Ashlee!


Sarah is known as VIVA’s smiling assassin! Her unique brand of classes are guaranteed to challenge your mind and change your body! Sarah incorporates years of experience teaching a number of different modalities ensuring that you always get a well-rounded workout!

Your SWEAT sessions use high intensity interval training to push your fitness capacity to it’s limits! With 45 second periods of work interspersed with 15 seconds rest this full body workout will get your heart racing and challenge your mind and body! Don’t get us wrong, these workouts are still great fun and there’ll always be a level to suit you!


Genevieve and Olivia are the dynamic duo that will lead you through your strength workouts! The co-founders of VIVA Pilates Studios, they have a combined 25 years of health and fitness experience and have helped thousands of clients achieve better health and wellbeing in their studios!

They’ll lead you through a series of workouts to strengthen and tone your entire body. The STRENGTH component of the program focusses on high repetitions with light weights to develop all over muscle tone without bulking.


Ashlee is passionate about all things Pilates & Yoga! She loves the burn that a Pilates workout provides. Her favourite thing about Pilates and Yoga? The ability of both class styles to enhance body awareness and increase mindfulness.

The program offers two different components for your STRETCH workouts:

Yin yoga is a restorative form of yoga based on holding passive poses for an extended period of time. It’s great for relieving stress, improving flexibility and increasing full body mobility.

Pilates and Stretch is the perfect combination of Pilates to strengthen your core, work your stabilising muscles and improve posture and balance combined with stretching to improve flexibility and deepen your mind-body connection.