We're capping our memberships. - VIVA Pilates Studios
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We’re capping our memberships.


At VIVA Pilates Studios, we’re more than just Pilates, our classes at VIVA are experiences. Created and developed by the industry’s most passionate minds. Taught by superstar Instructors who inspire and motivate. In specially designed studios and serene spaces, for you to connect to your body, mind and soul.

At Head Office, we’ve made the executive decision to cap our direct debit memberships which will then see the introduction of a waitlist so we can ensure we’re delivering the best service for our community.

We are committed to looking after our VIVA family and ensuring we deliver the best membership experience possible. Due to the smaller class sizes and adhering to social distancing we will be monitoring availability in classes closely and will no longer offer direct debit memberships to purchase online.

VIVA Pilates Clayfield and Manly both have 30 memberships currently open.

VIVA Pilates Everton Hills will be capped to allow for an additional 10 members only.

Membership pricing is as follows:

6 Month Sapphire Membership: $21/week – 1 x Reformer class per week

6 Month Emerald Membership: $38/week – 2 x Reformer Classes per week

6 Month Ruby Membership: $45/week – 3 x Reformer Classes per week

If you’re wishing to secure one of our final direct debit memberships available please click the button below to request.