It’s cold and dark at 5:30am and your bed looks much more appealing than a reformer machine or Barre class, so that last thing you feel like doing is jumping out of bed and heading to class. Your body needs to be moved just as much in Winter as it does in Summer. Health and Fitness is an all-year-round commitment, as I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve taken a break, you know how much harder everything feels when you have to find your groove again.

There are a few tips you can adopt when you feel a blanket and the couch is calling your name:

1. Set a goal – Set a realistic, yet challenging goal that will motivate you to want to exercise each day. If you find yourself something to work towards, you’ll find you have a little more motivation to head to a class. Is your goal to attend two classes per week? Is it to feel strong and slim by Spring?

2. Make yourself accountable – Whether this be to buy yourself a journal to schedule in your classes and workouts or find a workout buddy  as a way to ensure you are meeting your goals and coming to class on a regular basis

3. Put your head underwater – Rather than jumping from your cosy PJ’s to the comfort of your favourite zip-up jumper, make a beeline to the shower. The water will wake you up! Plus getting dressed in your activewear right away will also help get you past the urge to lounge lazily or convince yourself you’re too tired to attend a class.

4. Focus on the benefits – Remind yourself of the benefits exercise brings you. Managing stress levels and having an abundance of energy are just a few very simple benefits that regular exercise-goers reap

5. Nourish your body with healthy winter food – When you nourish your body with good food, you’re much more likely to have the energy to move your body. Everyone knows nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, so fuelling your body with good food will ensure you’re halfway there, and all that’s needed is a little extra exercise motivation to get you going

6. Pack your bags – Make your morning non-negotiable, pack your bag or lay your clothes out the night before. That way, when your alarm goes off, you don’t even have to think about considering going to the gym or what you’ll need, it’s been prepared earlier. Plus, having your bag prepared will mean that you get a little extra sleep in because you’re already organised. Win:win!

Adopting some or all of these tips will ensure you utilise winter rather than going into hibernation and opting for Netflix and comfort food.