Where to from here?

Maintaining after the Kickstart Program

Firstly, you need to give yourself a big cuddle! We hope everyone enjoyed the process and challenge of our Kickstart Program, and the good news is that you have our permission to treat yourself for your efforts. Take yourself out for a yummy meal or shout yourself a massage! Eat responsibly and pamper yourself shamelessly.

Although the tough part is over, the more important part still lies ahead of maintaining the habits you’ve created for yourself. If you wish to maintain the weight you’ve lost or continue to move body daily and eat well, you must make this a lifestyle change.

Making a lifestyle change is easier than you think, and small steps each day add up to significant results over time. Here are a couple of tips to be sure to include after completing our Kickstart Program:

  1. Continue to drink at least three litres of waters per day
  2. Incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your meals
  3. Use cooking methods such as steaming or grilling rather than frying
  4. Include resistance training into your exercise regime at least 2-3 times per week – resistance training may include bodyweight, free weights or machines, or resistance from a Reformer
  5. Move your body every single day – whether you attend our studio on a daily basis, or just a couple of times per week, you can still move every day by walking the kids to school, going for a walk in your lunch break, or always taking the stairs.

See you all at our studios shortly! x