We’ve round up our go-to shopping items from Woolworths for days you’re feeling time poor and unprepared! It’s easy to make healthy, delicious choices when you know what you’re looking for!

Rolled Oats & Blueberries

Racing out the door? Rushing to work? A quick and easy breakfast option is to grab an Original Rolled Oats sachet, mix with hot water and top with a punnet of blueberries! For a touch of  sweet, add a dash of sugar-free maple syrup!

Roast Chicken, Kaleslaw Salad + Feta

Got to work and realised you’ve got no lunch? Duck to woolworths and grab these three simple items for a quick and easy salad! A packet of pre-made salad (our go to is the Kaleslaw or Asian Noodle Salad Kit) with a 1/2 roast chook and small serving of feta to crumble on top!

Healthy Snacks

Beat the mid-morning grumbles or 3.00pm slump with a satsifying snack from the health food aisle at Woolworths! Here’s our top 6 snacks we’re currently loving: