So, you’ve made the decision to follow your passion for Pilates and turn it into a rewarding career or side hustle – congratulations, that’s the first and hardest step! We know that you’re eager to put your best foot forward so we’ve put together to set you up for success both during and after your training. We want to help you put in place a solid foundation of support because, like in your Pilates practice, the right foundations are crucial to ensuring success!


Cliched right? But it’s so trueto help you get the most from your training we recommend sharing your plans and goals with some trusted advisors. The best way to find these people is to think about the instructors whose classes you love attending the most! Chat to them, let them know they’ve inspired you and ask for their support on your journey.

This is a great time to see what the requirements are for observation and practical classes at their studio and see if you’ve got the option to complete some of your team teaching hours through them. If you can get a handful of instructors in your corner from the start your transition to teaching will be smooth.


Take a little time to think about where you most want to teach and what style of classes you’d like to observe and participate in as part of your post course training. Make a list and call these studios and ask if you’re able to observe their classes or if they can help you out with a discounted offer to participate in their classes. This also provides a great opportunity to chat to them about their recruitment process and get yourself on their radar.

Did you know that you can complete your observation sessions at the VIVA Studios free of charge and we have great discounts for course graduates who are looking to attend the studio to complete their practical classes.


We’ve put together a couple of resources that we know will help you feel ahead of the game when it comes to your Pilates practice! Settle in with a cuppa and deep dive on everything Pilates with:

  • Pilates Anatomy by Rael Isacowitz
  • Pilates’ Return to Life through Contrology by Joseph Pilates
  • Pilates Second Edition by Rael Isacowitz

We’d also recommend you take a little time time to refresh your knowledge of human anatomy, paying special attention to muscles, joints, and their functions. This knowledge will be invaluable as you guide clients through exercises, ensuring their safety and helping them to get the most out of their Pilates sessions.

Novice to Superstar – online instructor course

Wish you had an expert Pilates Mentor with you at all times? Well, VIVA’s six part online support course is what you’ve been looking for!

At VIVA, we’re committed to bridging the gap from Novice to Superstar Instructor! Our 6-Part Online Pilates Support Course will help you to prepare for your upcoming course or cement your latest learnings, and allow you to absorb all the details at your own pace. You’ll receive in-depth video instruction on how to master class planning, the do’s and dont’s for cueing and how to perform, perfect and modify Pilates movements covered in your course.

We’ve been in your shoes and know how a certified course can feel like a whirlwind! Notes, cues, modifications! It can be info overload! So we’ve taken everything we wanted to know and put it into this course! The best bit about this short course? You can do all of this from your living room!

You’ll be taken through a proven learning system by trainers who have taught THOUSANDS of people how to become stronger and get the most out of their Pilates practice. These experts know exactly how to enhance your teaching the fastest way possible.

Get inspired!

VIVA’s comprehensive teacher training program will support you every step of the way.