Hello 2022, let’s make it twenty twenty YOU! Here at VIVA HQ, we’ve put our heads together and come up with 22 reasons why YOU need to chase your dreams this year! If you’ve spent too long day dreaming about becoming a Pilates Instructor, here is every reason (or 22 of the best) why you should commit in ’22!


1. You love Pilates – need we say more?

2. You enjoy helping others – Pilates instructing really does give you the opportunity to help people in so many ways. Whether it be someone starting out with fitness for the very first time or rehabilitating from a serious injury. It might be the serious exerciser who wants to challenge themselves and add a little balance to their training schedule. Instructing giver you the ability to inspire and help people in so many ways.

3. The 9 to 5 is getting you down – if it’s time for a change and you’re ready to bust out of the monotony of the 9 to 5, Pilates instructing is a ticket to freedom and flexibility.

4. You’re looking for a side hustle to work around your 9 to 5? Instructing allows you to do a little extra in to your schedule without the overload!

5. You love to learn – once you’re in the groove and have completed your first qualification, the options to upskill are endless. Matwork, Reformer, perhaps a Wunda Chair or Cadillac course, or you could do short courses in small apparatus, pregnancy & anatomy. There are so many options to learn, grow and develop your skills.

6. You’re sick of sitting – feeling trapped in your office cubicle? Instructing gets you moving. From teaching at different studios, outdoors or do home visits, there are plenty of ways that you can stop feeling hemmed in and really expand your horizons.

7. You want flexibility – you can take on as many (or as few) classes within your working week and you’re able to se the hours. It’s perfect to work around family or other work commitments and leaves you in control of the hours that you do.

8. You want longevity in your job – you might be just starting out on your instructing journey or perhaps you’ve been in the fitness industry for years and you’re starting to feel like RPM and Body Pump classes are no longer the best thing for your body or maybe you’re looking for a later in life career change? No matter the reason Pilates is a career move that will give you great longevity.

9. Take your work anywhere – once you’re qualified, you’ve got the ability to take your certification anywhere – interstate, overseas, the neighbouring suburb or even online, a VIVA Pilates certification opens up so many opportunities for employment anywhere!

10. Align your purpose and your passion

11. Community of like minded people both your colleagues and your clients share the value and love of health and place a high importance on their wellbeing. This means that you’re guaranteed to work with people who light you up.

12. You get to prioritise your wellbeing – with flexibility in your schedule and exercise as your work, a career as a Pilates instructor allows you to really put your wellbeing first.

13. Enhance your own practice. When you know more, you do better. Get more out of your Pilates workouts by learning all the secrets behind why the Pilates method is practised the way it is.

14. Your body and your mind stays active – the ever-changing nature of your role as a Pilates instructor means that you’re able to challenge your (and your clients) body and mind on the daily!

15. Endless career opportunities – group classes, one on one sessions, small group or online! So many delivery modes for you to embark on.

16. It’s suitable for all ages and stages. No matter your age or stage, your Pilates instructing career never has to end! Low impact exercise and flexible scheduling give you longevity!

17. You don’t need a long list of quals to get started. No prior knowledge required for VIVA Pilates Education courses! Our courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know!

18. You can take it at your own pace. Practice on your friends and pass on the benefits of Pilates. Your going to be the most popular guest at your friends place – first pilates, then pie and lattes!

19. Your current job doesn’t align with your values – you’re feeling stuck and looking for a change? Well this is it, the sign you’ve been waiting for! Why not dive right in and give it a go!

20. You get the opportunity to set the example of healthy living for those you love

21. You’re looking for a new challenge and this is it!

22. You just want to have fun and let’s be honest, we can’t blame you for that

VIVA Education delivers comprehensive training that takes you through every aspect of the Pilates method. From the fundamentals through to advanced exercise options, our courses give you a thorough grounding and equip you with the skills to become a world class instructor!

You’re bound to have questions and it just so happens answering questions about becoming an Instructor is our speciality!

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