With government mandated gym closure in full swing for over a week now, we’ve all hit the point where the holiday from the gym is no longer a novelty and we’re itching to get up and moving again! Do you find yourself sitting at home bored?

Generally lacking motivation?

Feeling like you have no idea where to start or what to do to keep the ball rolling to acheive your health and fitness goals?

Or perhaps, you’ve never been a gym bunny before and you’ve now experiencing a serious case of cabin fever bought on by being cooped at home?!

Whatever it is, we at VIVA are here to help and have the perfect solution for your confusion, lack of motivation or cabin fever!

VIVA At-Home allows you to access a dedicated team of experts who have years of exercise experience. People who have been teaching day in, day out for over 10 years and know their stuff! They’re equipped with the skills to encourage you to get the most out of your high intensity workout or to slow you down so that you can experience calm and a little me-time in the chaos of your day.

Priding ourselves on offering unparalleled variety to breakthrough boredom and bust plateaus ensuring that you are still getting results from the consistent effort that you’re putting in. Our carefully curated, diverse range of workouts are proven to safely sculpt your body from head-to-toe. We offer so much more than just Pilates, including:

  • VIVA Barre: A fusion of Ballet and Pilates
  • Matwork Pilates: Full body workouts, suitable for all levels of experience
  • VIVA Tone: A strength class designed to  build tone and make you sweat!
  • VIVA Fusion: A fusion of Pilates, Yoga & Plyometrics. Guaranteed to boost your energy!
  • VIVA Toosh, Thighs & Tum: All about flattening your belly, tightening your toosh and toning your thighs, all with a low impact focus!
  • Yoga: To lengthen and strengthen your body and reinvigorate your mind

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And you’ll benefit from VIVA At Home classes by :

  • Being lengthened and strengthened from head to toe
  • Developing long, lean, functionally strong muscles
  • Getting firmer and leaner legs, thighs and booty
  • Gaining a flatter belly, stronger core and whittled waistline
  • Improving posture and strengthening imbalances within the body
  • Reducing aches and pains, improving spinal health

Our ever-evolving library of dynamic and inspiring classes will ensure that no muscle is left unworked, no level or ability is left behind and it will keep your body guessing with a HUGE range of options to choose from!

Sure you can spend hours trawling Youtube for free content, there’s certainly plenty of white noise out there when it comes to exercise and everyone has a go at uploading their own workout. But why take the risk of being led astray by someone who hasn’t had the experience working with clients day in, day out or even worse, has no fitness qualification at all? By subscribing to VIVA At-Home you are guaranteed to be guided by a fitness professional who is an expert in their field. Someone who will always prodvide a level 1, 2 & 3 option that can be catered to how you feel on the day.  We’ll make sure you put your very best effort in and that it’s effectively transforming your body.

So don’t risk injury, ineffective workouts or being left to your own devices from home, trust the VIVA Team of experts to keep you moving and guarantee your health at a time when we need it most!

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