I bet you’re sitting there considering VIVA Pilates Education and a thousand questions come to mind! Well, we’re here to allay your fears and dive a little deeper into a couple of our most frequently asked questions!

I’m not a fitness professional, can I still do the course? 

Thinking about becoming a Pilates Instructor?

You may be thinking the VIVA Education Reformer Instructor course isn’t for you because you haven’t got a wealth of health and fitness experience? Well we’re here to say NO WAY! The VIVA Education Course covers all of the Pilates basics right from the very beginning! The course is specifically designed to ensure that course participants are ready for life-long success in the instruction of the Pilates method! Ensuring you’re ready to instruct in the real world once you’ve finished the course!

We also have participants attend the course simply to deepen their Pilates knowledge and enhance their results in their own Pilates practice! No matter what your end goal, the VIVA Education course will equip you the skills to be a successful Pilates Instructor!

What’s included in my course cost? Are there any hidden costs?

We know, we understand that education and investing in yourself can sometimes be a little daunting! The VIVA Education Reformer Course cost includes everything necessary to complete the course from start to finish! Unlike other courses, the VIVA Education course cost includes your hard copy manual and gives participants the opportunity to complete the observation and practical course component in-house at VIVA at no extra cost! The VIVA Pilates Education Course includes:

  • A Hard Copy of our Comprehensive Course Manual outlining
    • The VIVA Method
    • Postural Alignment and the Factors Affecting
    • Foundations of Pilates and Correct Form and Alignment
    • Safety and Communication
    • Class Mapping, Structure and Cueing Guidelines
    • Class Plans
    • 120+ Pilates Exercise with Modifications, Progressions and Regressions
  • Access to our Studios for your Post Course Observation and Practical Classes
  • Access to our Studios for Teaching Practice Outside of Class Hours
  • Potential for ongoing and cover classes at VIVA Studios

What are my options once I’ve completed my VIVA Pilates Education Certificate? 

Great, so I’ve done the course but now what? Well, once you’ve completed you VIVA course there are so many doors that open to you! The certificate allows you to gain your insurance and practice as a Pilates Instructor at a number of different venues including:

  • Independent gyms, health clubs or pilates studios
  • Operate from a private residence, local town hall or provide a mobile service
  • Outdoors, Local Parks or Recreation Centres – applications with council may be required
  •  Gym chains such as Goodlife, Fitness First (also requires Certificate III in Fitness)

With all of these options, there comes to the opportunity to be your own boss and create flexibility for yourself and the hours that you work! Whether you want to work as a contractor or start your own business, the opportunities really are endless and you have the luxury of choosing what works best for you!

We know you might have some more questions, so you can find a comprehensive list of our FAQ’s here.

Don’t delay any longer. Discover freedom and flexibility with VIVA Pilates Education today!