Here’s what a VIVA Education Graduate wants you to know!!

After being a long term member at VIVA Pilates Studios, Ellen decided to take her passion for Pilates to the next level!

She wanted to use the VIVA Education Reformer Level 1 Course as a way to supplement the income she already earns at her desk job and do something that truly make a difference in people’s lives!

Ellen completed the VIVA Education Course towards the end of 2019 and was teaching in studio by mid 2020!

Here’s what she has to say about her experience with VIVA Education and the Reformer Level 1 Course:

What was your experience of the VIVA Education Course?

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I got to spend four wonderful days learning with other inspiring and motivated females.

I really liked how in-depth the course seemed and how it involved the background and foundations of Pilates. A lot of courses I researched were only 3 days long for a similar price, so I really felt like I was getting value for the money I invested

What do you feel like you’ve gained from the VIVA Education Course?

The course was far more then just a teacher and training program. I learnt that each exercise in Pilates is part of a plan and continuous flow from one exercise to the other. I gained skills in class mapping and cuing to help me deliver a great class.

The course facilitator, Emma-Kate, was an amazing teacher. She has also been an amazing mentor in helping me to refine my skills in Pilates and reinforce that I have all the skills and knowledge needed to be an amazing class instructor.

What would you say to someone considering VIVA Education Course?

I would highly encourage them to consider VIVA education as their choice of Pilates courses. The team at VIVA are so knowledgeable with many years’ experience between them. The ladies were more than happy to answer all the questions I had before I applied for the course and helped me feel comfortable and confident that I was making the right choice.

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