Reform to Transform

Pilates conditions your entire body from the inside out with a workout that strengthens and stretches simultaneously with an emphasis on the core.
All studio classes are all led by our certified instructors. Gain strength and improve flexibility wherever you are with in-studio classes on the finest equipment or with our online platform, VIVA Pilates At-Home.

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A class to suit every

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Our People

We have hand-picked the most motivating and highly-skilled instructors committed to helping you ‘Reform your Body and Transform your Life’. Our team will be with you every step of the way to guide, inspire and educate you on your health & wellness journey.

The VIVA Difference

I love the atmosphere and intimacy at VIVA compared to the large scale gym.

B. Park

The instructors are lovely and unlike high-intensity workouts, Pilates makes my body feel refreshed and balanced after exercise.

VIVA always has new programs coming up, so I’ve been able to attend for 6 years without getting bored. Pilates is a part of me now, it’s not just an exercise.


The instructors are a huge reason why I’ve stayed motivated. I enjoy it and feel so much stronger for it!


VIVA classes are the most calories I’ve ever burned in a Pilates class.

Great workout and atmosphere.

Tegan Q

I really appreciate how my positions and movements are adjusted and corrected so I could maximise my Pilates session.

Anna M

VIVA classes are a must do.

Janine R